I’ve been a wet shaving enthusiast for about 10 years. The whole obsession started with me seeing a badger hair shaving brush somewhere online back in 2006. After starting to search around and discovering that people used old school razors to shave with, my interest was piqued. Ultimately, I decided that I needed some hobbies, and, other than cooking, wet shaving led me down a slope of many hobbies over the years. As the brush was so captivating to me, I decided to learn how to turn wood/acrylic and make a shaving brush handle. I succeeded in making the brush and a few others. During this time, I also became convinced that I could make shaving soap. This proved to be more difficult to do since the ingredients weren’t readily available to me at that time and I was starting with simpler recipes in the soapmaking realm. I continued to make soap over the years, often revisiting the idea of making shaving soap (and eventually aftershaves), but never quite had the recipe nailed down how I wanted it.

For several reasons, I came back to soap making again this winter with renewed interest – determined to finally get the shaving soap recipe finalized. After some serious researching and trial and error (and searching for good suppliers), I developed a recipe I was happy with and had some good folks help me do some beta testing. Along with my hobbies, I have always had a dream of being able to share my goods with others, so once I developed this recipe, Viking Soap & Cosmetic was born. Beyond the shaving soap, body soap, and aftershave balm, I have several other cosmetic recipes that I’ve developed over the last 6 months that I plan to bring to the table eventually (as time allows). Face wash, shampoo, hand soap, etc.

My day job is in Research & Development in the Agriculture industry, so this is fully an artisan/hobbyist endeavor, but I am fully committed to providing the best products I can and the best customer service that I can. I am always happy to talk with anyone about the products and welcome any feedback or ideas that anyone has. I greatly appreciate your interest!

I live in Ames, IA with my wife and son and other hobbies/interests include woodworking, cooking, gardening, and making anything I can.