Custom Brushes

** CUSTOMS LIST IS BACK OPEN – PLEASE email or fill out the form below with your request – thanks!

I am happy to make custom brushes for customers. Please fill in the fields below to submit your custom brush request to me. After I receive this information, I will reach out to you to confirm details and begin the process. There are lots of available options with respect to handle materials. I work mostly with handmade/handpoured blanks that can be fully customized to fit your theme/desire, but also have a large inventory of other synthetic materials (plastics), ebonite (available options pictured below), and can utilize wood in the process. I do not currently do any metal work and don’t have plans to do so in the near future.

You can also provide your own custom coin for insertion into the base, or we can customize a coin for your (a few examples are pictured below). I have a vendor I use for these custom coins that work great in the base of handles. I normally handle the design and ordering of these coins to fit your theme and pass along the cost in the final brush price.

Please send me your requests and we can get started on the path to your customized shaving brush!

Fully custom brush examples (material used – either vendor blank or the type of resin I used to cast the blank are indicated in the picture information when you hover over it or click on it):

Ebonite colors available: