Custom Brushes

Please read below and fill out the form below to start your custom order!

A disclaimer on handle shapes: I cannot and will not guarantee that a shape will turn out exactly like a request. My handles are 100% hand turned and that creates variations on shapes from handle to handle and some tolerance should be allowed/expected.

Pricing on brushes (handle only) is as follows:

One color custom pours start at $70.
Two colors plus additional embedded material start at $75.
Ebonite handles start at $145.
Kirinite handles start at $80.
Vendor polyester resin handles (jade/malachite/etc.) start at $80.
Hybrid (wood/resin) handles start at $80.

Prices can go up depending on difficulty of request/shape/colors/embeds, etc.

Custom Brush Form
Please select one that best fits your request for handle material.
Handle shape, desired knot loft, and any other details that will help with the custom ordering process.

Below are examples of custom brush orders (keep scrolling for ebonite stock):

Ebonite colors available: