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Long needed update!

Greetings fellow Vikings!

Wanted to take a minute and update you on a few things happening at Viking Soap & Cosmetics.

  1. We have made a few changes to the formulation to reflect some supplier arrangements and ingredient inclusions and as a result have had to up the price slightly (only 75 cents on each product).
  2. We have heard that the scents are weak in some of the soaps, so have adjusted those just slightly to bump the scent strength.
  3. Our production batches have now doubled in size and we are working to get stock built up for not only here, but at ‘The Shaving Shop Club’ (, where we’ll try to maintain some stock as well. Excited for this opportunity!
  4. Citron has changed from a fragrance oil soap to an exclusively essential oil soap, which has made for a much more interesting and notable scent. Plus, we’ve upped the menthol a bit in it as that was a common critique of the soap.
  5. We are working to also build up the inventory of the balms associated with each soap, and hope to have that completed in the next month or two.

We truly appreciate everyone’s support and look forward to providing some of the best value in wet shaving moving forward! As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns.

– Andrew

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