Body Soap

Our body soap comes in two forms – ‘The Dream’ – which is tallow-based, and ‘Conditioning’ – which is vegan. The properties of each soap are similar, but the ‘Conditioning’ soap contains slightly more skin loving ingredients for those of you with particularly sensitive skin or who simply don’t like the idea of tallow-based soap.

We have been experimenting with our body soap recipes for the last several months and will be offering slightly modified formulas (still in the ‘Dream’ and ‘Conditioning’ versions) moving forward. Color of the bar will no longer denote which version it is, so be sure to check the label to see if it’s Dream (tallow-based) or Conditioning (vegan).

Soap names will no longer be restricted to fragrance components (as it was before). Names will be as they come to us and in the description of each will describe whether fragrance oils, essential oils, or a blend of both were used to scent a given soap.

We are also playing around with other coloring agents and additives to make our soaps more aesthetically pleasing and better for your skin – see each description for potential details.

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