Body Soap

Our body soap comes in two forms – ‘The Dream’ – which is tallow-based, and ‘Conditioning’ – which is vegan. The properties of each soap are similar, but the ‘Conditioning’ soap contains slightly more skin loving ingredients for those of you with particularly sensitive skin or who simply don’t like the idea of tallow-based soap. The ‘Conditioning’ soaps will always be white/cream in color, while the ‘Dream’ bars will be purple or a different color to help differentiate them in your shower or bath. The purple coloring is all-natural and comes from alkanet root powder.

If the soap has a name that describes it’s scent ingredients, (e.g. ‘Lavender’), then it contains only essential oils. If the soap is named something different than an exact description of the essential oils is contains, then it is scented with fragrance oils (e.g. ‘Blom’ ‘Conifer’ ‘Freyja).

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