Bulldog – 28mm Odin’s Gelly Beard (v.6)


This handle was created from a custom pearl black, red and silver blank to create a one of a kind piece of functional art. The shape is ergonomic and will allow for easy bowl or face lathering. As always, I cannot guarantee that your knot acquired elsewhere will fit into this handle – please contact me separately to discuss knot specifics. 

Please note this brush is being sold as a complete brush with a Odin’s Gelly Beard (v.6) knot already installed.

Please note this brush DOES contain a Viking coin.

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Material: Polyester resin
Knot: 28mm Odin’s Gelly Beard (v.6)(51 mm loft)
Height: 67mm
Wdith: 38.5mm (widest point)

This brush already has a knot set and is being sold as a complete brush.

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Weight 4 oz


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